Triumph abandoning their plan to build 250s

Triumph is abandoning their plans to build a range of 250 cc motorcycles.

According to an email from Chris Ellis, general manager of their Canadian operations, they have placed the 250 cc project on hold “for strategic reasons relating to its specific segment.”

So, that’s the end of that. The 250 project was a long-running rumour for Triumph fans; at one point, spy photographers allegedly spotted test bikes out and about. The buzz about this goes back to at least 2011. They confirmed the bike’s existence in 2013.

Ellis’s email with the company line added that “During an exciting period for the brand, Triumph continues to invest and expand its model line-up and enter new markets as demonstrated with our successful launches into Brazil and India.

Through our expanding market presence and model offer we will continue to evolve our product range to reinforce our position as a premium motorcycle manufacturer and answer the requirements and demands of a global motorcycle audience with exciting and innovative products.

We look forward to unveiling our MY15 ranges at Cologne and Milan this autumn.”


  1. […] Although this is great news for Triumph, it’s worth noting a couple other bits of information. These numbers don’t include dirt bikes, so all the off-road motorcycles from KTM and subsidiary Husqvarna aren’t being included in these figures. KTM also sells a few sub-500 cc motorcycles in the dual sport category which aren’t included in these figures, and soon KTM and probably BMW will both be selling sub-500 cc street bikes in our market, while Triumph has scrapped their own 250 cc project. […]

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