New Cobra tires from Avon

Tire manufacturer Avon has come out with several new sizes in their Cobra line, aimed at the touring and cruiser markets.

According to their site, Cobrass offer “sports tyre technology for nimble handling,” but still provide longevity as well. They’re even offered in extra-wide sizes, for custom motorcycles, and have been specially constructed to handle heavy loads. Do they work? The user reviews all over the Interwebz seem to indicate so.

But all that grip and longevity doesn’t do you any good if you can’t get the tire for your bike. Avon is listening to the market, and they’ve addressed that by introducing new tire sizes. They’ll have 13 new sizes in the 15- to 21-inch range. They’ve even got extra-wide tires coming for custom machines; the new rubber should be available by end of this month. Find out more details at Avon’s site here.

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