More cross-country commentary on loud pipes


As we said last week, the whole loud pipes thing is really getting people riled up across the country these days, and it’s not just individual cities anymore. Writers with national readership are picking up the fight against loud bikes.

Here are a couple new pieces on the issue. This link here takes you to an article by Matthew Coutts, a blogger at who is also starting to take interest in the fight, it seems.

This second link takes you to the National Post’s commentary page, for a brief video by Chris Kelley. Mr. Kelley doesn’t like hassling people, he says, but he’s done some thinking on the issue, and he’s taking a stand against the noise, noise, noise.


  1. I HATE dogs barking
    I HATE kids screaming
    I HATE alarm clocks ringing
    I HATE TV commercials blaring
    I HATE loud obnoxious politicians and religious fanatics
    I HATE hearing Justin Bieber singing
    but I just LOVE the sound emulating from an Akrapovic exhaust system
    on a Ducati as it flat out goes through the gears.
    So—–what seem to be the problem—your honor!

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