Husqvarna importing street-legal bikes to North America again


Husqvarna has unveiled their 2015 lineup, and once again, they’re building street-legal motorcycles.

Before they were purchased by KTM in 2013, Husky was working on an interesting lineup of street-legal bikes, including the Nuda naked bike and the Terra, a 650 dual sport; they also had a few enduros on their lineup with blinkers for the street.

Once KTM bought them, though, their whole lineup was in upheaval, and the street-legal machines were either axed, or returned to their off-road roots. But there must have been a demand for those street-legal enduros, because they’re back for 2015.

Husqvarna’s 2015 lineup for North America includes the FE 350S and FE 501S, both of which are essentially dirt bikes with minimalistic lighting. As is usual with these Euro enduros, they feature top-level performance parts  (fork and shock from WP), with some tweaks to compromise between street and dirt. The 350S has a liquid-cooled DOHC four-stroke motor, and the 501S has a liquid-cooled SOHC four-stroke. Other changes include chassis reinforcements, updated plastics and graphics, and a new handlebar and beefed-up handguards.

Other changes to their lineup include updated motocross models (they’re returning to pro motocross and supercross racing), with 14 models in total. Find out more at their website here.

Right now, we don’t have any word on whether or not any of these bikes will be available in Canada.


  1. KTM has does nothing but tarnish the name of Husqvarna. My 2013 TR650 Terra sits at the dealer for over 12 months unfixed and unridable. KTM and Husky N.A have left the few dealers and customers holding the bag.
    KTM will not return calls, their reps don’t return calls nor emails. I was at most of the Canadian Motorcycle shows last winter and finally cornered a Husky rep at the Toronto show in February. I have not herd a peep out of him nor KTM/Husky since.
    They can’t get away with this type of business in the States due to lemon laws. We have no such laws in Canada and KTM takes advantage of this.

    Caveat emptor!

      • Me too. Its really sad that one of the best ever dual sport bikes was axed. Everyone who has one (running) just loves the bike.
        In Ontario, normally you would report this OMVIC who would then have the dealer refund or there would be compensation in the fund for this type of incident. The dealer would intern seek compensation from the OEM. I won’t go to OMVIC as dealer did nothing wrong and is a good guy just trying to make a living. I do know that the dealer is out of pocket for all the warranty work and parts so far and the bike is still not fixed.
        I ran the bike for three weeks,1800km before electrical issues sidelined the bike. The bike not fixed for the last 55 weeks is utterly deplorable.

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