Monday is Ride to Work Day


Don’t forget – Monday. June 16, is Ride to Work Day.

Even if you’re the type who prefers to take the bus or the cage in to the office, this is a good chance to prove your motorcycle’s ability as a commuter, and to show your co-workers that normal people ride motorcycles safely. Unless, of course, you aren’t normal …

It’s also worth noting that today is Friday the 13th, which means festivities will be in full swing in Port Dover – the crowd of visiting motorcycles grows every year, although the threat of thundershowers might keep a few of the wannabe road pirates away today.


  1. I doubt they’re scared off, 403 was jammed on the way in to work this morning with motorcyclists heading for PD.

    The only problem is, if you’re still in Hamilton at 8am you are not going to make it into town, and will spend your day idling on Hwy 6.

    I’ve been asked 5 times already today why I didn’t go. To quote the great Yogi Berra; “Nobody goes there anymore, it’s too crowded”

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