Rumour: Honda working on new adventure bike

Supposedly, this is a new adventure bike coming from Honda, but we haven't heard about it for months.

Several bike mags are abuzz with rumours that Honda is building a new adventure bike, reportedly a replacement for the Africa Twin.

The original Africa Twin was never sold in great numbers in Canada, but the 1989-2003 run was very popular overseas, and the machine has a cult following throughout the world. The machine was based on Honda’s NXR-750, a bike that dominated at the Dakar rally.

The word on the street is that Honda wants to bring out a new cycle to cash in on the adventure bike boom. That rumour has gained some traction after photos started circulating around the Internet (published by and Visordown) that supposedly showed an adventure bike that Honda was registering at the US Patent Office.

In particular, Visordown has been full of all sorts of gossip, claiming Big Red might be planning to build a second dual sport around their 500 cc parallel twin that already powers the adventure-ish CB500X (along with the CBR500 and CB500F). Motorcycle News has had a few articles along similar lines lately, saying Honda is about to bring out an adventure bike that can challenge BMW’s GS lineup. MCN claims the machine will be powered by a parallel twin motor.

So, are they right? It’s possible – Honda hasn’t had a real adventure bike in the lineup since the Africa Twin, except for the Varadero, which was never available in all markets.

It’s also possible that all this gossip is the result of a game of telephone, so to speak. But if we keep an eye out, chances are we’ll find out one way or the other fairly soon. That patent drawing sure looks legit, and it appears the machine could be powered by a small parallel twin motor, which would certainly lend credence to the 500 cc rumours.


  1. Weld on sub frame is a nono. Tweak it and the frame is shot. Total write off. Needs a longer wheel base ( as does the klr etc) for carry ing set of luggage.

    • They’d have to build it to a price. A bolt on aluminum sub frame would add cost. The idea should be to make it relatively inexpensive to buy and own so the purchaser doesn’t need to spend extravagantly. Make it comfortable, manageable, relatively light, relatively quick and well built. Most of all MAKE IT FUN TO RIDE, everything else is a compromise that should be left to the owners.

  2. A small and lightweight 500-650cc adventure bike with a sub $10,000 MSRP and available accessories would fill a niche, perhaps world-wide to a degree. the last think the market needs is another pseudo dirt bike with a near or over $20,000 price tag. The well-heeled poseur market is already well covered, it’s time to stretch the category beyond the traditional customer.

  3. how about a new st its been the same bike since 03
    the vfr they have tried to get back but no gear driven cams

    hard company to figure out

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