Kawasaki releases 30th anniversary editions of the Ninja lineup


Kawasaki is releasing 30th anniversary editions of the ZX-10R and ZX-6R to commemorate three decades of their Ninja lineup.

The new machines will be available in Canada by the end of May. They haven’t been hot-rodded for more performance; the only difference between these bikes and a standard Ninja is cosmetics. They have a special 30th anniversary logo and paint that’s modeled off WSBK champion Tom Sykes’s livery.

The special edition ZX-10R will sell for $17,449 with ABS, and $16,649 without. The ZX-6R will be priced at $13,349 with ABS, and $12,649 without.

The original Kawasaki Ninja was the water-cooled GPZ900R, introduced way back in 1984 in North America, in the dark ages when most sportbikes featured air cooling or air/oil cooling. Strangely, those bikes haven’t become very collectible yet, except for riders who want to build a replica of the machine Tom Cruise used in Top Gun …


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