Noise fines could rise in Edmonton

Charlottetown's police seem to be picking up where Edmonton's have left off.

Yesterday, we told you about a meeting regarding Edmonton’s loud pipe laws. It doesn’t sound (har! har!) like loud pipe enthusiasts got the outcome they were looking for last night.

According to the CBC, city politicos got an earful (oh, the humour!) from local residents who were fed up with loud motorcycles. So, despite the fact that only 108 of the 338 tickets issued under the noise bylaw have actually been paid, councillors started talking about raising the fine, to present even more of a deterrent.

Riders are unhappy with the crackdown on exhaust noise, saying they’re being unfairly targeted. The city says otherwise, claiming more four-wheeled vehicles than bikes are being ticketed, although no law singles out cages (the Motorcycle Noise Bylaw obviously targets two-wheelers, and motorcycle noise levels are specifically mentioned on the Edmonton Police Services website). If the reports from last night’s meeting hold true, though, it seems loud pipe enthusiasts mayhave to tone down their act, before the city tries to shut them down for good with another ticketing campaign. Unless, of course, half the tickets don’t stick. Again. Stay tuned!


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