More noise about noise: Saskatoon changing exhaust law

Motorcycle Exhaust
Reports from Nanaimo RCMP's new motorcycle inspection program seem to indicate they're very interested in your exhaust noise level.

Apparently, the annual rush to ban loud pipes is underway; now, Saskatoon is supposed to be cracking down on noisy vehicles.

Every spring, it seems, Canadian municipalities are falling over themselves in a rush to bring out bylaws against loud exhausts; this week, the big news was Edmonton’s debate over their city’s loud pipes. CBC is now reporting Saskatoon is considering the same sort of move.

While Edmonton has a bylaw that specifically mentions motorcycles as a problem, and tickets them under that law, Saskatoon isn’t headed down that exact route, perhaps because it’s been proven time and time again that results are inconsistent. Instead, their bylaw is supposed to focus on all vehicles – the mayor specifically mentioned jake brake-using truckers and automobiles without mufflers as targets. The amended noise bylaw will aim to shut down vehicles making between 92 db and 100 db from their exhaust.

Still, motorcyclists are crying foul, saying their bikes can be targeted at a stop, but other vehicles won’t be (supposedly, the city doesn’t have the equipment to do so). Several riders from Saskatoon’s 3rd Canadian Army Veteran motorcycle club showed up at last night’s council meeting, but weren’t able to speak on the issue.

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