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It used to be, if you wanted to buy a bike, you had two choices: Word of mouth, or the newspaper classifieds. If you were really lucky, there was a used vehicle circular for your region as well, going under the name of a Buyer Flyer or Buy Sell and Trade or Pennysaver or something like that.

These days, almost everything, including motorcycles, is sold through Internet classified sites, like Craigslist or Kijiji. This has proved detrimental to newspaper-owning billionaires, but it’s not all bad – it means you see a lot more awesomeness in the ads themselves. Read on …

Communication is the key to a successful relationship – you’ve got to listen to what your partner is telling you. Alas, this guy listened to his heart, and not his partner.Wife sale

It’s not all bad, though; maybe she’ll slowly come to accept her husband’s love for motorcycles, like the woman in the ad below (as seen on Kijiji PEI).

There are other reasons to sell a bike besides spousal issues, though. Sometimes, a bike has too much power for any mere mortal. We’re talking about bikes like the insanely powerful CB350 below, which “runs like corn through a goose.” Features include electric start, kick start, and push start. Talk about farkles!

CB50Here’s another bike that’s advertised with lots of power. And, the owner has put “like, 15 hours” of work into customizing it. We’re guessing this one sold overnight. Who wouldn’t want a moped with two powerbands? We’re betting they junked the stock powerbands, though, and replaced them with those aftermarket purple ones.
Picture 4

It’s not just bikes for sale on Kijiji, though; considering the following ad, which would no doubt appeal to fans of Port Dover’s Friday the 13th celebrations.
And if you need gear, you can always search Kijiji, too. Check out this helmet ad – who cares if it’s DOT certified, as long as it’s reversible? Built-in sunglasses ensure you remain super-cool in the blazing sun. And, you get some extra street cred as a bad-buttocked biker because you bought your helmet off some dude on the street, instead of at a dealership, like The Man wants you to.
helmet 2

And we’re closing this Friday Fudge with an ad that made the rounds on Craigslist last summer. It’s pretty self-explanatory …
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