China builds an adventure bike


They’re rare, but there are people out there with a special affection for small bikes (that’s why we have the Dawn to Dusk rally). And, a lot of those people have been asking for a 250 cc adventure bike for years.

Well, now their prayers have been answered … sort of. Chinese motorcycle manufacturer Zongshen has come out with a quarter-litre adventure bike. True, some adventure riders (like Lois Pryce) have gone on extended trips on small bikes before, but they were usually machines that were adapted to that purpose. The Zongshen RX3 appears to be built with long distance travel in mind.

The bike’s liquid-cooled 249 cc motor, with SOHC and four-valve head, supposedly makes about 24 hp and 16.5 ft-lb of torque, mated to a six-speed transmission. It has a 16-litre fuel tank and dry weight is supposed to be 175 kg. Seat height is 795 mm.

The machine has electric start, single disc brake in front with dual-piston caliper and a single disc in back with single-piston caliper. Wheelbase is 1400 mm. The rear suspension is adjustable for preload.

Other interesting touches include USD forks, LED running lights and proprietary luggage that looks pretty good in the photos. The cases have 55L of capacity each, but we don’t have any idea on what the GVWR is.

This bike is also being sold rebadged as a Minsk TRX300i in other markets.


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  1. ” Unless Canadian Tire wants to move into street bikes, I wouldn’t hold my breath.”
    CTC was the original retailer/distributor of Kawasaki motorcycles in Canada – how did that work out for them,,,?

  2. Dealer network. Are you kidding? Who needs that with the internet?
    Existing motorcycle dealers are having a hard enough time staying alive as it is. Who would want to retail a cut-rate bike with low margins and no support?

    The only way this thing will sell in Canada is to buy online as a kit, drop ship to a local garage and build it yourself. Parts supply would also be on a hope you don’t need any basis. Unless Canadian Tire wants to move into street bikes, I wouldn’t hold my breath.

  3. I would think there would sell very well in China. Good power for a 250, good protection and good features. Very practical and also stylish.

    It would be nice if the Chinese would sell these, or slightly larger versions (500, 650?) in the Canadian market: BUT there must be a dealer network with parts and support or Canucks just won’t buy.

    Maybe the Chinese figure that they already have a huge market in China and it’s not worth the bother to set up a network in Canada for a much smaller piece of business? If China is getting prosperous enough to find a big enough market internally, we may find ourselves in a future where they simply don’t bother to export their stuff to us.

  4. I agree, I would like to know whether Zongshen has any plans on selling this bike in Canada. I did a bit of research and it appears as if they have a satellite HQ in Vancouver, but the details on their website were sketchy and 2 years out of date. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t hold your breath though, as I cannot see a motorcycle company entering a new market with only one bike for sale, having to aquire Dealers, setup a distribution network, and stockpile a supply of parts for 5 years worth of sales (required by law for all auto companies in Canada). Maybe one day we will see these in Canada, but probably not this season 🙁

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