Saskatchewan motorcycle insurance rises

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The ongoing insurance debate in Saskatchewan isn’t apparently over, with motorcyclists getting a 5.2 per cent increase from government insurance agency SGI.

At first, this sounds unfair; however, automobile drivers are also getting a 5.2 per cent increase in insurance rates. There is a difference in how the rates are calculated, though. According to the Leader-Post, part of that increase is to add revenue to SGI’s coffers. Car drivers may see that portion of the increase fluctuate, possibly to their benefit, but motorcyclists are stuck paying it.

SGI is unhappy that motorcyclists are allegedly costing their insurance system more than they’re paying into it; according to their statistics, riders insurance fees only paid 47 per cent of their claims into the system in 2013. To make up for that, they were threatening some drastic price increases last year. You can read some of our previous coverage here.


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