CBR300R deliveries delayed in other markets

When we finally got a chance to see Honda’s 2014 lineup for Canada, we were a bit disappointed to see the CBR300R wasn’t going to make it here. However, that seems to be the case in other places as well.

Visordown is reporting the UK market won’t get the learner-friendly sportbike this season either; it was supposed to show up over there next month. A spokesman says the bike won’t show up over there until the end of the year. However, the delay doesn’t seem to mean it won’t be sold there – there’s a hitch in production plans, that’s all.

Ultimately, the UK market won’t determine whether or not we get the bike here, but it’s possible once overseas production gets rolling, we’ll still get our hands on the machine. We’ll update you when we know more; otherwise, if you want more info, here’s our original write-up on the machine, after it appeared at EICMA.



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