New rules for new riders in Saskatchewan

I wore the Rev'It gear all the way from the riding season's start, to the D2D at the end, in all weather conditions. Photo: Rob Harris

A committee tasked with improving motorcycle safety ins Saskatchewan seems to have effected several changes for new riders.

The provincial insurance body was behind the committee, and they say the provincial government is enacting all their recommendations. You can find some more of the background to the story here.

Now, individuals wanting a motorcycle learner’s permit will have to first hold a Class 5 licence (automobile licence). To get their bike licence, they’ll also have to prove they can safely handle a motorcycle.

As a result, it sounds as if there’s some sort of new road test coming. There are also other changes ahead. most likely. It sounds as if the insurance board is still very interested in making riders wear proper jackets, boots, gloves, etc.  We haven’t heard anything else about telematics, though, which is good.

The government also brought in heavier tickets for illegal lane changes; supposedly, this is going to help keep motorcyclists safer – although it seems a very small solace for a motorcyclist to know the cager who squashed them is going to have a heftier fine.


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