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Hollande rides

Francois Hollande   Photo: Wikimedia
Francois Hollande Photo: Wikimedia

So, if you keep an eye on the news, you’ll know French president Francoise Hollande has been spotted sneaking around town for hookups with his mistress – and a lot of ballyhoo has been made about his transportation of choice. No, Hollande isn’t riding in a motorcade, or even slumming it in a discrete automobile. Apparently, he’s riding over to her apartment on the back of a motorcycle or scooter.

According to the gossip mags, this is because he wants to stay unknown, anonymous behind his helmet. Maybe that’s correct, but we’ve got another suggestion – maybe Hollande has just boughten into the marketing that suggests bikes are a great way to meet chicks (see almost every European motorcycle advert ever). The trouble is, you’ve got to be piloting the bike, not riding pillion, for that to work …

Leather up

Someone buy this woman an Aerostich – it would make her life a lot easier.

Long time coming

Thankfully, 'Arris 'asn't taken 60 years to finish a project bike. Yet.
Thankfully, ‘Arris ‘asn’t taken 60 years to finish a project bike. Yet.

Mel Reese may be a bit poky, but he’s no quitter.

The New Zealand man recently made headlines for finishing a motorcycle restoration … that he’d started 60 years earlier. Apparently, Reese bought a proverbial bike-in-a-barn (a 1914 Rover) for a pittance decades ago, in the intention of putting it back on the street. Like so many restorers, he found he was in for more than he bargained; he got busy with life and kids, and the bike sat.

But Reese didn’t abandon the project; the 84-year-old got back to work on it four years ago, and finished what he’d started, doing a surprisingly tasteful reconstruction (no pipewrap and flat black paint here). So, for all you CMG readers waiting for ‘Arris to finish ‘is projects, hey, there’s still hope. You just might have to wait another 55 years.

Source: Stuff.Co.NZ

Not top shots

Allegedly, this Italian shooting was over unpaid Mafia debts. Apparently, the godfathers over there don’t have mandatory target practice for their hitmen, as the targeted businessmen supposedly escaped this attempt mostly OK.

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