CMG Talks at Toronto Show

Well, CMG isn’ really talking but we’re working with the Toronto show organizers to set up a series of talks on the main stage area. I’ve always thought that the interviews on the stage hosted by Frank Wood were one of the more interesting ideas at the show, but sadly somewhat overlooked too.

The idea this year is to try and add some new elements to the talks including some panel discussions (one being all the moto magazine editors — including me — so there could be blood) and some stand alone presentations by some of the stars of the Canadian scene such as Rene Cormier, Lawrence Hacking, etc.

We’re also hoping to convince some of the big importers to send their tech guys up to chat about the latest technical developments on their new bikes and get a few docs/films to show too.

However, I thought that we should tap into the CMG knowledge base too and see if any of you had suggestions/ideas to add to this or indeed if you have something interesting to say or a doc you made, if you want to be part of it too!

You can comment at the end of this article or contact us directly here. Don’t be shy, here’s a golden opportunity to help build what I believe could be a real highlight of not just the Toronto show, but all the future shows too.


  1. Hahahhahaha. Yeah, I’d love to get these things to be a reason to attend alone. It’s a great opportunity and the show organizers say that the new location will give the stage more space so i hope it can be done, but I guess there’s only one way to find out.

  2. LP, the focus for these things should be entertainment AND information.

    Perhaps if some of the MBSR participants showed up in their competition outfits that might help ?

  3. I always find there is no audience when these sorts of talks are going on. Eddie Lawson with 10 people listening … ?
    Speaking for myself, I just want to hang out with the new machines and dream and talk and check out the interesting stuff in the small booths. I’m too excited to just sit and listen and there isn’t enough time for me to do both.
    Of course I dropped out of Grade 10 because I couldn’t sit and listen so maybe I’m not a good example ha ha ha ha.
    up up and awayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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