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Biker love

Maybe if Ford loses his job as mayor, he can buy a cruiser and join a biker club somewhere.
Maybe if Ford loses his job as mayor, he can buy a cruiser and join a biker club somewhere.

The Hells Angels motorcycle club has hung out with Hollywood stars, Hunter S. Thompson rode with them, and now they’ve endorsed the biggest Canadian celebrity of all – Toronto mayor Rob Ford.

The news of the Hells Angels’ thumbs-up came earlier this week, when a photo appeared on the web page for the Toronto clubhouse, showing  Ford hanging out with a couple Toronto-based members of the club, as well as a prospect. A couple of the bikers have their arms draped around Ford, and everyone is all smiles.

Ford’s reaction? He says he doesn’t check everyone’s credentials before he poses for a photo with them. Meanwhile, the Hells Angels say they support Ford because he is a “mayor for all the people.” High praise for a politician, indeed, for an outfit that’s usually known for sticking it to The Man! We wonder, though, if they’d reconsider if Ford started posing with members of the Rock Machine …

Source: Huffington Post

Thrilling threads

Do you need a new motorcycle jacket? Are you bad to the bone? If you answered yes and yes, we’ve got good news for you! You can truly assume the identity of a bad-buttocked biker by purchasing one of the jackets Arnold Schwarzenegger wore during the classic film Terminator 2.

You’d better act fast, because the auction ends today. However, look carefully at the listing – this jacket is in far from new condition. It’s full of bullet holes, and it’s no wonder, after watching scenes like this.

If you’re on the fence on this purchase, we say go ahead and make a bid. If you’re lucky, not only will the jacket instantly turn you into a dangerous character, it might also allow you to jump a Fat Boy without twisting the frame like a pretzel, while shooting a lever-action shotgun single-handedly, as seen in the movie below.

Source: Visordown

EV woes

This guy is probably trying to escape from the 5-0 after sneaking a nickel's worth of voltage.
This guy is probably trying to escape from the 5-0 after sneaking a nickel’s worth of voltage.

So your electric motorcycle has run out of battery power. How do you plan on getting home? You could just surreptitiously plug the bike into one of the many electrical outlets that are everywhere – unless you’re in Decatur, Georgia.

See, the po-po in Decatur take electricity theft very seriously. Kaveh Kamooneh found this out the hard way, when he tried to plug in his electric car at a public school while he took tennis lessons.

An alert police officer passing by saw this heinous crime in progress, and eleven days later, he showed up at Kamooneh’s house and hauled him off to jail (he got out 15 hours later). We bet that’s the last time Kamooneh tries to make off with a nickel’s worth of electricity! Kudos to the fuzz, for clamping down on this crime! The last thing we need is hordes of battery-powered motorists on the road, all plugging in during coffee stops, stealing pennies’ worth of electricity to keep on riding, in some weird twist on the Mad Max ethos.

Source: Wired

Trouble in Yemen

First, find Yemen on the map. Then, don't ride there. Photo: Google
First, find Yemen on the map. Then, don’t ride there. Photo: Google

Question: If your country was suffering from a spate of drive-by shootings, perpetrated by motorcycle-borne gunmen, what would you want the government to do?

In Yemen, the answer was banning motorcycles, at least temporarily. Officials in the country have decided to take two-wheelers off the roads in city of Sanaa, in order to halt the violence. Unsurprisingly, there’s still unrest – now every motorcyclist is up in arms over the decision. And, of course, there’s nothing stopping the Al Qaeda-backed terrorists from using cars (they have already reverted to using car bombs), vans, trucks, or even – gasp – breaking the law and continuing to use motorcycles to commit their crimes! After all, if you outlaw motorcycles, only outlaws will have motorcycles …



  1. ” all plugging in during coffee stops, stealing pennies’ ” .

    Well, why do I not plug into your mains?
    Or, you pay for mine, or my petrol?

    Mighty generous with others dosh.

    • I realize a traveler relying on a Scotsman to give him a nickel’s worth of electricity would likely be better off hitchhiking …

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