Video: Riding North Korea

There’s one country you don’t often see on adventure riders’ dream lists: North Korea. But one couple has not just completed an epic ride through some of the country, they’ve even videotaped it.

Joanne and Gareth Morgan, from New Zealand, rode the Baekdudaegan mountain range through the Korean peninsula this summer. The trip was a lot of hassle to arrange with the North Korean and South Korean governments, but they pulled it off. Amazingly, they were even able to make a video of the trip, published by Vice. You can see the video’s trailer below; the whole documentary is available here. There’s also an interview with the Morgans which is quite interesting.


  1. “I’d really love to do a motorcycle tour through North Korea” – said NO ONE EVER. Was Rwanda, Iraq, Afghanistan and all the other garden spots in the world booked?

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