Check out the KTM RC125, RC200

The RC390 looks like a great track bike, but KTM thinks the RC200 is a good day-to-day machine - note the tailpack.
Now, with less horsepower: Here's the 204 KTM RC125.
Now, with less horsepower: Here’s the 204 KTM RC125.

Those clever chaps over at Asphalt and Rubber have dug up these shots of KTM’s new RC125 and RC200 street bikes.

They look a lot like the RC390, and they’ll have the same made-in-India origin, but we’re guessing the 125 won’t make it to North America. We can’t see people storming the KTM castle, pitchforks in hand, demanding a 200 either. Check out the gallery below.


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    • They are made in India and they will be over 5k otherwise if they were made in Austria they might be 7k – 8k. The future Chinese build one will probably stay in China . Better get used to it as more and more bikes will be built in these emerging countries , Japanese manufacturers like Honda and Kawasaki already make bikes in Thailand , Triumph heading to India and yes even H-D. As long as they keep their eyes on quality control it is not that bad.

      • That’s the rub, right there. People will buy anything, if the price is right, but if KTM can’t bring these in at a low price tag (and I am guessing that would be tough), people’s egos would never let them buy a 200 when equivalent money would buy a more powerful Japanese machine.

        • My ego would but then I am different , I would buy any of the 3 RC , will depend if or which one make it here . I have a $6k Aprilia Atlantic 200 so would not mind paying the same price for a KTM , I know the majority wont and will aim for something bigger like the CBR 500 line if they are looking at this price range. Maybe some would go for the RC 390 for a track day bike.

    • Although I paid about that for my CBR 125 at the time there is no chance that the KTM RC reach that mark , their business is going well but they still don’t have the sale volume of Honda. As lynchenstein mentioned $ 5k and up.

    • Since the introduction of the CBR250, the CBR125 has been canceled (happened earlier this year, to no fanfare. They were pretty much giving them away). Interestingly enough, even the CBR250 was very heavily discounted this summer ($3500 for leftover 2012 models) and I think it’s marked down even now. Maybe that CBR300 is going to displace it?

      • Seems 300 is the new 250.
        Judging by the amount of used cbr125s I see everywhere, I’m not surprised they stopped bringing them in. Everyone who wanted one got one and has now outgrown them. I agree it is unlikely we’d see these ktms in Canada, which is unfortunate because they look like they have enough character to last longer in someone’s garage.

      • Yes I guess the CBR 300 will replace it to compete with the Ninja 300 , both the CBR 250 and Ninja were top sellers and indeed the CBR 125 were almost given and had a good price on mine in 2009 , unbeatable value at that price , I had lost interest with Honda after the 80`s but that bike was so great especially at that price that I had to change my view on Honda , I like the new affordable bike they make to get more people into the sport , they did not make money out of the CBR 125 and probably not much on the 250 either but they raised they sale figures and got some new riders on the road , for them hoping these new riders will keep brand loyalty, as they probably reached all the potentials buyers for the CBR 125 they have replaced it with the Grom 125 to reach a new audience . Of course I know the KTM RC 390 would sell better here and they probably wont import the 125-200 version.

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