Changes at Ducati Corse

Could Ducati's MotoGP fortunes be about to change?
Could Ducati's MotoGP fortunes be about to change?
Could Ducati’s MotoGP fortunes be about to change?

Luigi Dall’Igna has been named the general manager of Ducati Corse.

Outgoing general manager Bernard Gobmeier will head back to Volkswagen; he’d come to run Ducati Corse after VW purchased the motorcycle manufacturer. There was great hope he’d turn their MotoGP fortunes around, but that hasn’t been the case, and he’s returning to Volkswagen Group Motorsport.

Dall’Igna had a hand in Aprilia’s two World Superbike championships, so he knows how to win. He was also involved with Aprilia’s reasonably successful CRT effort. The question is, can he take that experience and deliver some podiums, maybe even some wins for Ducati’s MotoGP team? They’ve got nowhere to go but up.


  1. A good choice of photo here, as Nicky Hayden’s apparent move to an ART bike will be greatly complicated by Gigi’s move to Ducati. It will be very interesting to see how this all pans out for him now.

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