CMG Server Holiday

It's waterproof, but the collar lets water in if you ride through an all-day downpour. Photo: Laura Deschenes
Zac has been sent down to the docs in his leathers to earn some extra cash. Photo: Laura Deschenes

It appears that we weren’t the only things getting away from it all this long weekend. The CMG server also took some time out meaning that sometimes links failed to link and sometimes the whole site went kaput.

The CMG techies got to work on it this morning and have fitted new rubber bands and applied a generous amount of duct tape to the 486 server to get it all back online. Carrier pigeons have also been released to spread the good news and empty scotch bottles stuffed with notes and flung into the great lakes.

Apologies to anyone who wasn’t on holiday and was unable to get their CMG fix this weekend. Assistant Editor Zac has been sent down to the docks in Saint John to try and earn some extra dough to upgrade the servers.

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