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Off road exploring

Here’s what happens when you get impatient and try to circle around a police-escorted motorcycle procession.

Anarchy Whining in the UK

Not a place you expect much noise. Photo:
Not a place you expect much noise. Photo:

Once upon a time in the UK, you could do the ton on the M1, dodge a few bobbies, and call it a night of good clean fun. But now, that’s not the case. Even a motorcycle collection can be cause for ire.

Examine, if you will, the case of the The Goodmanham Arms, a pub in East Yorkshire. As you’d expect with any pub, there have been a few noise complaints from the neighbours.

However, they’re getting a bit ridiculous about it. Now, they want to block the proprietor from setting up his vintage motorcycle collection on display at the location. Their reasoning? They say it’s going to make the noise worse. Apparently, they’ve never been in a museum, as the last thing anyone would expect to see is an Ariel Square Four doing burnouts while on display, and in general these sort of things don’t attract one-percenter violence, or any other kind of drunken binge.

Story source: York Press

Silent but deadly

When you make a movie about an electric dirt bike, annoying music isn’t just an option – since your bike lacks that two-stroke ring-ding-ding, you NEED that background noise.

Hipsters on trial

Actually, that should read, Hipsters on Trials. At least his skinny jeans didn’t get caught in the chain.

Here’s what that bike is capable of in the hands of its owner:

Loves his job

Rumour has it the cop looked like this.
Rumour has it the cop looked like this.

Sometimes the fuzz can be a bit of a pain for bikers (when they’re issuing tickets). However, when there’s real crims about, you want an officer who’s devoted to his job.

So, if your bike ever gets pinched, see if you can get Police Senior Sergeant Major Am-pol Sa-rot-thor-ra-nee on the case (good luck, though, he’s based in Thailand).

How do we know this guy is devoted to his work? At a recent traffic roadblock, he spotted a 16-year-old riding a bike with no license plate. The good sergeant decided to nab him, but the teen sped up. The cop stopped him as quickly as he could – by jumping in front of him.

The miscreant motorcyclist ran into the cop, crashed, and ran off, with the seemingly invincible officer in close pursuit. In his mad rush to escape, the baddie took refuge on top of a pigpen. He found no refuge there, though, as reinforcement showed up and took him down. Turns out the bike was stolen – so, good job done!

Story source: Pattaya People

No way, Jorge

The most amusing thing about this rather sad watch advert is that it does a better job of promoting sidecars than timepieces …

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