FIM backs global freestyle competition

Coming soon to a motocross freestyle global event near you.

FIM has been busy lately.

A couple weeks ago, they announced their participation in a global electric motorcycle racing series. Now, they’re working on a global freestyle motocross championship.

Like the electric racing series, FIM will be working with another organization to bring this series to fans. They’ll do it in conjunction with French TV channel Sport Plus.

The event will bring competitors from their existing “Night of the Jumps” (the official FIM FreeStyle Motocross World Championship) and pit them against each other in teams organized by nationality. They won’t just compete with freestyle tricks; they’ll also have competitions for things like highest air, best whips, etc. Whichever country’s team gets the most points will take home the trophy, similar to existing Nations competitions for motocross and trials.

The first event in this new series is expected to run in May of 2014, in Germany.

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