FIM, TTXGP partner for global electric motorcycle race series

Amarok's race efforts at Pikes Peak ran into a pile of bad luck, but their competition proved battery bikes have what it takes.
electric motorcycle racing
Uhlarik is working on getting the Amarok P1 into TTXGP competition next year Photo: Arash Moallemi

A new deal between FIM and TTXGP means electric motorcycle racing is about to take a huge step forward.

The Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (the organization that runs MotoGP) and TTXGP (the organization that’s been running high-level electric racing for the last few years) will have a four-race world championship series in 2013, thanks to a renewed working relationship (their previous deal fell through back in 2009).

The abbreviated 2013 season will see races in Europe, North America and Asia. Next year, there’ll be six races, and in 2015, it will move past the supporting series role and have a full schedule.

To enter the series, racers first have to win at local series on electric bikes. We’re not sure exactly how FIM plans to co-ordinate that, but that’s the plan.

In closely related news, Cycle World says the American Federation of Motorcyclists is now going to allow electric bikes to race against internal combustion engine motorcycles in their series roadracing series.

Supposedly, the move came as Brammo wanted to showcase their bikes’ performance against gas-powered machines. The electric bikes will be rated on their power-to-weight ratio and places in the series’ classes accordingly.

And yes, in case you were wondering, Michael Uhlarik is planning to enter the made-in-Canada Amarok P1 in the FIM series, and he says he’s also hoping to informally race it against ICE-powered motorcycles here in Canada this year.



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