Nortons get Canadian homologation

Norton Commando 961SE
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Norton Commando 961SE
Here’s what the new Norton Commando 961SE looks like. Reportedly, the necessary homologation paperwork has been completed to bring the bike into Canada.

It’s been a long wait, but Canadian fans of the Norton marque could finally see the reborn British brand’s machines in-country soon.

Norton Commando 961 Cafe Racer
The new Commando also comes in this Cafe Racer trim, and a sport edition.

According to the company’s website, Norton has finally received homologation approval for their machines in the U.S. and Canada.

They say “Paperwork has now been completed and factory production is expected to start for these territories in a matter of days/weeks.”

Of course, that still means more delay for those waiting to straddle the new 961 Commando, but what’s a few weeks or months, compared to the decades we’ve already waited to see these bikes re-introduced?

The new Commando has been teased for years now; back when Kenny Dreer tried to kickstart the company back to life, we were looking at a version of the bike with a motor around 920 cc.

Norton Commando Sport
Here’s a pic of the Sport model.

Years later, with ownership changes and controversy under the bridge, we might actually see these bikes in Canadian showrooms.

Some British buyers who put their money down for early versions of this bike were unhappy with how long it took the company to actually deliver the machines; hopefully that won’t happen here.


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