Saskatchewan could see massive motorcycle insurance hikes

Larger motorcycles
If you ride a late-model motorcycle with displacement over 400 cc, you're likely going to pay dearly for insurance in Saskatchewan.
If you ride a late-model motorcycle with displacement over 400 cc, you’re likely going to pay dearly for insurance in Saskatchewan.

Motorcycle riders in Saskatchewan could see a massive hike in their insurance rates in a couple of months.The province’s government-run insurance is re-jigging the rate scales in April; the rate review panel is looking at both motorcycle and auto insurance. On average, most rates will go up about two per cent, says CBC. If approved, the rates will actually come into effect in August.

However, the way things are looking right now, motorcyclists will see an average insurance hike of 73 per cent, if the proposed changes go through. That’s bad, but the news gets worse; if you’re a rider with a sport bike, or with a motor over 400 cc (which includes the majority of riders), you’re going to see an even bigger jump in rates – perhaps as much as a 331 per cent increase, in the most extreme cases.

Saskatchewan Government Insurance president Andrew Cartmell told CBC the rate hikes are coming because bike riders have relatively high insurance payouts, and the current system sees them heavily subsidized by auto users.



  1. The ridiculousness of this philosophy is it’s absolutely blindness to reality. As is, the insurance on a near (but under) 1000 cc cruiser is $1750 (ish) per year. That’s on a bike that cost $8,000 new (& $18 to fill). On the flip side, my $60k truck cost $1250 per year to insure (with auto pack & extra liability) and costs $135 to fill. The insurance rate as a percentage of cost of ownership is seriously broken already. Why does anyone think that to fix it we should make it worse.

    I will be running my bike without insurance if this goes through. The cost of points & fines is far less than the cost of insurance.

  2. If as past studies have shown, car drivers are responsible for over 60% of all motorcycle accidents then car drivers should be subsidizing the cost of the motorcycle claims they created.

    • Unfortunately, somehow SGI calculates fault on the rider 52% of the time.

      This is ridiculous! If you rule out the few morons who ride like idiots, most riders are better drivers. You have to be; there are far too many ignorant cagers out there. Be a good driver or get hit. That’s the reality virtually everyday on a bike.

  3. hey there folks Steve in SK here. My 2008 Hypermotard will see the cost go from $1850 per year ($1500 was 2011’s bill) to over $5600. It has nothing to do with my driving record or age. I am 50 years old with a claims free record over the past five years. This is pure greed and a desire to wipe out sport bike riders. My 1700 cc victory kingpin will see costs go up from $1800 to $2600. Case closed. We can’t use anything other than SGI for basic insurance and the basic deductble is $750 per claim. Yet my $100 deductble package policy (also from SGI) costs only $200 per bike because they have to compete with private insurers for that business. Socialism and greed are a bad combination my friends.

  4. Context for rfporteno: 2012 “touring” BMW 800cc, north of $1300 per year, basic insurance. You need to add comprehensives and lower deductions payout on that…

  5. So, if insurance for bikes is going up 73% because car drivers are subsidizing the system, is car insurance going to go down by a similar amount, since bikes will be paying for their full cost now?

    I think not… this is just some non-rider, closed-minded bureaucrats, sitting in a windowless office all year round, tired of hearing loud motorcycle pipes and taking a revenge…

  6. There needs to be a context here. What does the typical motorcycle rider currently pay? If it’s $200 per year, then an increase to $662 would still leave Sask riders below what riders in Ontario pay. If they are currently at $1000, then moving them to $3310 would certainly be outrageous.

  7. How does a 2% increase translate in to a 73% increase and even worse 331% increase if its a sport bike over 400cc. Unless they are not paying their fair share previously?

    • It’s car drivers who see the two per cent hike, I believe. Overall, they’re the majority, and that’s why most people don’t see much of a hike. Divide and conquer, baby. Less bikers means they are easier to push around.

      All I can say is – motorcyclists, remember which government let this happen, and vote accordingly at the next election. Talk to your MLA.

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