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Half-baked hideout

The crook's first mistake? It sounds like he ran into one of those suspiciously clean yuppie garages; you know, the kind that doesn't have any toolboxes lying around, because the owner views mechanical work as a waste of time, preferring instead to spend his weekends barbecuing in a pair of flip-flops. The bad guy would have found much more concealment in Editor 'Arris's garage, behind the KLR project and the Konker. Photo:
The crook’s first mistake? It sounds like he ran into one of those suspiciously clean yuppie garages. Photo:

After stealing a motorcycle, how would you make your escape? Most baddies make the mistake of trying to outrun the cops on two wheels. That option often ends in an unpleasant crash.

A California crook had a better plan; he hid out with the stolen bike, once the fuzz spotted him. There was only one problem with his plan – he had to hide in a complete stranger’s garage. Without proper previous planning, his makeshift concealment soon failed.

Apparently, there just wasn’t enough junk in the garage to hide behind – he would have had much more success if he hid in Editor ‘Arris’s garage, behind the Konker and the KLR project.

Undeterred by his failure, the thug decided to resist arrest, until a K9 unit bit his arm, proving that even in this cynical age, stories can still have a happy ending.

Story source: Bakersfield Now

Bike path boondoggle

Speaking of California law and order, their motorcycle-mounted police take bicycle path safety very seriously. Very, very seriously. So seriously, that they’ll block a path, then ticket cyclists who try to get around them. Scoff if you want, but it’s a great way to raise revenue!

Sound of silence

Just the thing to keep noise levels at a minimum around your house.
Just the thing to keep noise levels at a minimum around your house.

While not as loud as an open-piped V-twin, a cranky baby can be a raucous baby.

If you lack the parenting skills to rock your baby to sleep, KTM has got just the thing for you – a soother from Team Orange.

But you don’t have to re-jet for this silencer. Just make sure you still remember to check the diapers for burnouts.

Source: Bikes in the Fast Lane

Lane splitting

Of course, lane splitting isn’t legal in Canada anyway. But if you have the money to book some track time, you could always try your hand at a stunt like this.

The frozen chosen

Motorcycle culture is very different in Europe. Here in North America, riders put their rallies in places like Daytona, or mid-summer Sturgis, so they can putt around in flip-flips and shorts. In Europe, they wait until the first weekend of February, then head off to camp in the Bavarian forest, where they’re pretty much guaranteed to encounter snow and a lot of mud, too. For obvious reasons, this rally (the Elefantentreffen, or Elephant Rally) is very side-car focused. Here’s the story of one man’s journey to the rally. It’s not particularly amusing, but it might inspire you to get off your butt and go for a ride.

Not-so-fatal attraction

Nobody gets killed at the end of this movie (unlike the Glenn Close/Michael Douglas film), but some fans will take their obsession wayyyyyy too far. As the video says, it’s much easier to just buy tires if you want to meet Rossi.


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