Yamaha working on a 250 sportbike

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Picture this logo plastered on the tank of a small-displacement sportbike …

According to just about every Internet gossip-monger, Yamaha is working on a 250 cc sportbike.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know small-displacement bikes are selling well these days; Honda’s introduced a new 250 sportbike and dual-sport in the last couple of years, and Kawasaki just upgraded their baby Ninja to a 300. Suzuki’s new GW250 is coming to Canada this year, KTM’s cranking out small-displacement machines, and even Erik Buell is supposedly working on a similar project with Hero.

But Yamaha was absent from all this activity, unless you count their WR250, which has been out for a while, and is hardly a budget bike. Now, though, the company is supposedly working on a 250 cc sport machine that’s initially going to be aimed at the Indian market.

Supposedly, the machine will come to market in 2014. How long it’ll take to get to Canada is anybody’s guess. We don’t even know if the motor will be a twin or a single, yet. But if it’s aimed at the Indian market, at least it should be affordable.

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