Sym gets new Canadian distributor

You're not going to see intimidating speed on the Sym Wolf Classic, but it has some great classic styling, if you're into that sort of thing. Right now, Sym has this bike listed as a 125 cc model on their website. Photo:
You’re not going to see intimidating speed on the Sym Wolf Classic 150, but it has some great classic styling, if you’re into that sort of thing. Photo:

Taiwanese motorcycle manufacturer Sym has a new Canadian distributor.

The small-displacement motorcycles will be distributed through Motorsports Canada Ltd.; if you’re thinking you’ve never heard of them before, you’re probably right. It seems this company was founded in the last few months out of the ashes of the original Canadian distributor for Cleveland CycleWerks (CCW is now distributed by Visionary Motorsports).

Sym, like most bike companies in China and Taiwan, makes a variety of small-displacement motorcycles and scooters, like the Wolf Classic, pictured above. Last summer, rumour had it Canadian Tire would be selling their scooters soon, but we haven’t seen any signs of that lately.

By the way, that CB125-based, 150cc Sym Wolf Classic will cost $3,195 and come with a two-year warranty in Canada.

They’re also bringing in the Honda SuperCub-based Sym Symba 100, priced at $2,599, with the same two-year warranty. Sym will be at both Toronto shows, and the Ottawa show, so if you want to see them in person, drop by.

On the other end of the spectrum, Motorsports Canada also says they’re working on bringing Zaeta’s motorcycles to Canada. You’ve probably never heard of Zaeta before either, but they’re a small Italian company making super-cool dirt trackers and cafe racers and the like. Valentino Rossi’s father, Graziano Rossi, has some sort of involvement with the company. Their bikes look very functional, but not cheap.

You can see their work in the YouTube video below, but you’ll have to understand Italian if you want to make out what they’re saying.


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