EICMA 2012: Triumph unveils all-new Daytona 675, 675 R.

The new Daytona 675 has a completely updated motor, new chassis, and revamped bodywork.
The new Daytona 675 has a completely updated motor, new chassis, and revamped bodywork.

Triumph is unveiling their all-new Daytona 675 and 675 R sportbikes at EICMA today.

The 675 comes stock with Pirelli Supercorsa high-performance tires.

The motorcycles are still based around a 675 cc three-cylinder motor, but it’s an all-new engine, putting out 126 hp (up 2 hp) and 55 ft.lbs of torque (up two ft.lbs), with a 14,400 rpm redline. The motor has a wider bore and shorter stroke than the previous model, with a block that’s separate from the crankcase and ceramic-coated aluminum bores to allow the machine to reach higher rpms.

The motor has twin injectors per cylinder, and titanium valves that have been reshaped to improve flow; exhaust has been re-routed to a GP-style mount, instead of the previous undertail location.

The bike now features a slip-assist clutch, to make the lever lighter and reduce rear wheel hop under braking.

The frame has been re-designed to centralize mass, with a die-cast aluminum subframe.The standard Daytona is two kg lighter than the previous bike, and has fixed-cartridge forks from KYB up front, and updated rear shock. Seat height is 10 mm lower, bodywork has been reshaped, and the bike comes with Pirelli Supercorsa high-performance as standard.

The Daytona R has switchable ABS, with monobloc Brembo calipers.

ABS is standard on the new Daytonas; it’s lightweight, and comes with a track setting that allows for rear wheel drift.

Canadian pricing is $12,599 for the standard Daytona; the machine should be available at Canadian dealers in February.

The Daytona 675 R model is an upgraded version of the standard bike, fitted with a TTX rear shock and NIX30 inverted forks, for improved adjustability and response.

The brakes have Brembo Monobloc calipers as standard, with switchable ABS. The transmission has a quick-shift option as standard, and some of the bodywork has been replaced with carbon fibre. The rear subframe has been painted red, and the wheels have red pinstripes.

Canadian pricing will be $14,599.

There will be a range of factory accessories available for the Daytonas, including CNC-machined levers and other bits, frame and swingarm protectors, Arrow exhaust, and other stuff.

The Daytonas come with a two-year unlimited mileage warranty.


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