EICMA 2012: Vespa's new, old-school scooter

This outfit isn't seen as politically correct attire for a motorcycle show anymore, but it also isn't ideal for riding.
Here’s a side view of the retro-styled scooter, complete with a model dressed like a flapper from the 1920s. Photo: VP
In an age of high-performance maxi-scooters, the 946 is a bit of a throwback. Photo: VP

What do you do if you’re Vespa, and you’re wondering how to update your lineup?

The manufacturer’s answer to that question is the 946, a throwback to the company’s post-WWII routes. Our man on the ground in Milan managed to grab some photos of the new machine – feast your eyes!

The scooter is based on a 125 cc, air-cooled motor with three valves. Just because it eschews liquid cooling doesn’t mean it’s archaic, though; the scooter has EFI and a catalytic converter and engineers spent a lot of time working on fluid dynamics inside the motor. The new motor puts out 11.4 hp, up seven per cent from Vespa’s old 125, while using a lot less fuel. Vespa claims the scooter gets 30 per cent better gas mileage.

The 946 has ABS, electronic traction control, 12-inch wheels and disc brakes front and rear.

Service intervals for the new scooter are 6,000 miles.


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