EICMA 2012: Honda show more new bikes

Here's Honda's CB500X, complete with scenic backdrop.
Here’s Honda’s CB500X, complete with scenic backdrop.

Here are some details on more new bikes that Honda is showing off at EICMA, including a couple other 500s and a Goldwing-based bagger. They’ve also updated the CBR600RR, and added the NS300 Forza scooter to their lineup as well.

The CB500F: Coming in a little cheaper than its off-road and fully-faired counterparts.

We showed you the CBR500R this morning; now, here’s a better look at its counterparts, the CB500X and the CB500F.

The CB500X is what you get if you combine the NC700’s styling with the CBR500R’s basic layout and 471 cc motor. Power output is the same (47 hp, 31 lb/ft of torque), curb weight is a bit higher at 196 kg (the X has more fuel capacity at 17.3 litres), and it seems like it has the same cast aluminum wheels ( tires are 160/60-17 rear, 120/70-17 front) and brakes (320 mm wave rotor up front with twin-piston caliper, 220 mm wave rotor in back with single-piston caliper).

We don’t have a price for the CB500X, but the word on the street is that its naked counterpart, the CB500F, will be starting at $5,499 in the U.S., $500 less than the CBR500R. It also seems to share the same motor and brakes. Dry weight is 175.4 kg; it has the same 35 mm tubular steel frame and box-style swingarm and 41 mm standard forks as the other 500s. It sounds like they all have the same 785 mm seat height as well, and they’ll all have ABS versions.

Here’s a YouTube video showing the bikes …


And what about that Goldwing bagger?

Take a Goldwing, cut down the windscreen, re-work the luggage, and this is what you get.

If a Victory and a Goldwing had a baby, this is what it would look like. Honda’s taken the standard Goldwing and cut down the windshield, taken off the tail trunk, added some different side bags and bolted on what they call a gunfighter seat. It’s a good thing the Liberals aren’t in power anymore, or they might ban the bike’s import solely based on that scary phrase.

Anyway, the bike (they call it the Goldwing F6B) has the same 1832 cc motor as the standard Goldwing, but comes in 28 kg lighter (now 381 kg), thanks to the chopping and hacking. We’ve got a video featuring the bike below, as well. It seems it’s aimed at bikers who enjoy riding more than shaving (something that should suit Ass’t. Ed. Kurylyk just fine).


The CBR600RR doesn’t see bold changes, although bodywork has been restyled and the bike has new ECU maps. It still puts out 118 hp and 49lbft of torque.

The CBR600RR isn’t drastically changed, but handling should improve, thanks to Showa Big Piston forks.

It gains new wheels, and Showa Big Piston forks up front. That restyled bodywork is supposedly good for a 5-6.5 per cent reduction in drag, depending on whether or not the rider’s tucked in. You might not like the new headlights, but at least the bike is available in Repsol colours (also red and red/white/blue).

Curb weight is 193.4 kg (on the ABS model), which is only 0.6 kg lighter than the previous model. Still, that’s a move in the right direction.

Honda’s press release says the new bike is better on both the street and track than the old model, contradictory as that sounds. We’ll just have to take their word on that, until someone tests it.

Here’s what the bike looks like on YouTube:


Honda says their new NS300 Forza scooter is coming to Canada as well.

The new Forza has a 279 cc motor that puts out a claimed 24 hp.

This modern-styled scooter comes with a 279 cc four-stroke single-cylinder engine, with belt drive and V-matic transmission. It has a steel underbone frame, 35 mm forks, twin rear shocks, single 256 mm disc with twin-piston caliper in front, 240 mm disc with single-piston disc in back, 192 kg wet weight, 120/70-14 front tire and 140/70-13 rear tire.

Also: It seems like the CB1100 that Honda’s been showing off for years is coming to Canada. We’ve included a few new pics of the bike in the gallery for you.

Look, ma, it’s the 1980s! Or is it the 1970s? In any case, Honda’s new CB1100 (it’s been on the show circuit for years as a concept bike) should stir up plenty of nostalgia.


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  1. […] Le chassis a été révisé afin d’offrir une position de cruiser avec sa fourche de 41 mm offrant 106 mm de débattement. La suspension arrière Pro-Link a un débattement de 109 mm. En comparaison, la NC700X (la version aventurière) dispose de 152 mm à l’arrière et 228 mm à l’avant. Il s’imagine presque le même traîtement de suspension de la Gold Wing F6B. […]

  2. […] The chassis has been revised to suit cruiser-style riding, though. The 41 mm front fork has 106 mm of travel, while the Pro-Link rear suspension has 109 mm of wheel travel (the NC700X had 152 mm and 228 mm of travel in front and rear, respectively). It’s almost as if they’ve given the NC700X the F6B treatment. […]

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