Can-Am unveils new sport tourer

Can-Am has some of their Spyders under recall.
Can-Am’s Spyder ST comes in the ST-S (L) and ST Limited variations (R). You get upgraded paint options as well as many other upgrades.

Can-Am has added a new three-wheeler to their lineup, the Spyder ST.

The base model ST only comes in one colour. It’s been revised to be sportier than previous Spyder models.

The machine is designed to be Can-Am’s entry into the sport-touring market, and it comes in three variations – the standard ST, the ST-S, and the ST Limited. MSRPs for the models will be $20,899, $22,199 and $27,099 respectively.

To improve handling over the RS model, the Spyder ST has had the footrests moved forward and the handlebars raised higher and further back. The seat now has firmer foam and the windshield is a five-way adjustable unit. The vehicle comes with removable wind deflectors, and receives the same upgraded chassis that BRP’s other Spyder models also got this year.

The Spyder lineup also received brake upgrades this season; they have new Brembo calipers all around, and larger discs and calipers up front.

The standard ST will only come in one colour (Pure Magnesium Metallic, it’s called), but the upgraded versions will also come in yellow (ST-S) and white (ST Limited) variations.

Along with upgraded paint options, the ST-S also comes with custom trim and carbon-black 15-in. wheels, rider footboards and electronic cruise control; the ST Limited adds a Garmin  navigation system, chrome accents, heated grips and extra storage options.

Speaking of storage, there’s an optional trailer available for the bikes, as well as optional saddlebags and the 44-litre storage compartment.


  1. I’m kind of surprised that they haven’t come out with a factory hand-brake option for the likes of me that can’t use the foot brake. I’d think that disabled riders must be a significant portion of their customers.

    It’s not that the aftermarket doesn’t have that covered, but If I was designing a somewhat oddball three-wheeler, I’d ask myself who besides snowmobilers and old folks would be motivated to buy one.

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