Video: Kawasaki Z800, ZX 636

You can hear the Z800's motor in the video clip below.
You can hear the Z800’s motor in the video clip below.

We’ve mentioned Kawasaki’s additions to their lineup (the new ZX 636, the new Z800, the Ninja 300 and the updated Ninja 250 the rest of the world gets); now, here’s a video of a couple of those new bikes.

What does it tell us? Well, it gives us a clear look at the 636, which we haven’t really seen much of; it also gives us a clearer picture of the Z800. And, it lets us hear what their engines sound like. Unsurprisingly, they sound like pretty much any other inline-four.

Of course, when Kawasaki takes over Times Square to show off their Ninja lineup tomorrow, we’ll have a much better idea of what these bikes are all about, instead of this grainy YouTube footage that’s better suited to a Bigfoot sighting video.


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