Schuberth will sell SR1 helmet in North America

Schuberth says the SR1 is designed with racers and sport riders in mind; they’ve put a lot of effort into its aerodynamics.

Want an aerodynamic, quiet helmet that’s designed specifically for sport riders and racers? Schuberth is hoping their SR1 helmet they’re introducing to North America will fill the bill.

Schuberth says they consider this to be their “Masterpiece” helmet. The shell is made from their proprietary S.T.R.O.N.G. fiber, a special fiberglass-reinforced duroplastic matrix – whatever that is. It’s supposed to be a very lightweight material; Schuberth claims the smallest helmet size weighs in at about 1,350 grams (under 3 lbs).

Along with standard D-ring closure, the helmet also has Schuberth’s Anti-Roll-Off System for additional protection; the helmet has a Coolmax liner that can be removed and washed. There are three vents in front and two in back for ventilation; supposedly, the helmet can flow 2.5 gallons of fresh air per second at 60 mph.

The helmet meets Europe’s ECE standards, as well as DOT standards. The press release put pricing at $899 for gloss black, gloss white, and matte black versions of the helmet, and $969 for helmets with graphics (Technology Matte Black and Technology White). We’re guessing that’s U.S. pricing, though. They’ll offer sizes XS-XXL. You can find more details here.

3 thoughts on “Schuberth will sell SR1 helmet in North America”

  1. Pity they didn’t add their excellent internal sun visor system to this, but I suppose that would have impacted the airflow. The S1 fits my general needs better.

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