Dawn til Dusk Rally: Final details

On Sept. 15, show up on your 250cc motorcycle and take in the Dawn til Dusk Rally.
On Sept. 15, show up on your 250cc motorcycle and take in the Dawn til Dusk Rally.

Here are the final details for the Dawn til Dusk Rally.

We’re meeting at Toys for Big Boys at 6:30 on Saturday morning, where the good folks who run the dealership will be providing us with some coffee and donuts. We’re getting on the road at 7 o’clock, and heading towards Alma via back roads. From there, we’re going to to head to St. Martins, then Hampton; after a rip across the Kingston Peninsula, we’re heading up Rt. 102, eventually arriving in Cambridge-Narrows, then heading for Springfield, and then back to Toys for Big Boys, where they’ll have some eats for us.

Some more details: We’re going to run this rally rain or shine; going from the current forecast, Saturday will be overcast but not rainy. Just in case, bring your rain suit – you can throw it in the chase truck. If you want to bring any special tools or stuff like that, we can put that in the truck as well.

We’re stopping for lunch in Hampton at Kredl’s Corner Market – it’s sort of a farmer’s market with some outdoor picnic tables to eat at. They have samosas, sausages, hamburgers, schnitzel, quesadillas, falafel and the like for sale, as well as fresh fruits (apples, bananas etc); if you’re allergic or morally opposed to eating anything on that list, you can always grab something at the nearby Tim Hortons.

There are plenty of gas stations en route – fuel shouldn’t be a problem. There are a couple of ferry rides (Grand Bay, Gagetown), and one covered bridge.

We’re running back roads for almost the whole day. Since this is New Brunswick, they’re going to be bumpy in places, so remember to be careful.

See the map below!

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  1. Thanks to CMG and Toys for Big Boys for hosting the rally. It was my first time out this year, and I had such a blast trying to wring every ounce of power out of the CRF230L that my crew chief (aka Big Sister) sponsored me on.

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