Alleged YouTube bike sold at auction

The bike that police say was used in the infamous speeding video has been sold at auction.
The bike that police say was used in the infamous speeding video has been sold at auction.

Here’s an update on the latest chapter in the infamous B.C. speeder saga.

It all started when this video hit the web last spring; YouTube watchers were outraged at the motorcyclist’s 299 km/h top speed on his R1 along the streets of Victoria.

The police got involved, people talked and the suspected motorcycle was seized; it belonged to the mother of the man accused of the crime, Randy George Scott. He’s since turned himself in to the 5-0.

The police haven’t held on to the bike for long, though. It sold at a government auction this week for $4,651 – likely a generous offer, considering its somewhat troubled history. And, it seems the new owner will have to do some repairs to the ignition system – it doesn’t sound like the previous owner gave the police the keys.



  1. Newsflash: It isn’t the “alleged” youtube bike. If it was sold at a government auction, it was THE youtube bike.

    • Ahh, you miss the point. Bike was the one used and its been sold so it isn’t “alleged”. The case of who the rider was is not settled so therefore any reference to Randy George Scott would require the “alleged” descriptor.

      • Property forfeitures are done through civil court – laws of evidence are different there. In fact, it’s my understanding that in some jurisdictions, the burden of proof lies on the accused when it comes to property forfeitures – it goes something like this: “Can’t prove you earned all the money legally? Then it’s obviously drug funds! Hand it over!”

        Having years of working the night desk at one of Canada’s major daily newspapers (at least in their own minds), you just don’t say stuff that says someone is guilty before they’re convicted – whether or not they’re guilty. If you were speeding and killed someone with your car, and your car was seized and sold before you went on trial, I wouldn’t dare call it “the vehicular manslaughter car” because your lawyer and the judge assigned to the case could make my life very, very miserable. It’s basically saying you’re guilty, before you were convicted.

        Same rule applies here.

    • I never referred to this Randy George Scott person. Is he the alleged rider of the bike which was seen in the video doing 299 and has now been sold? Yes, I’m being fairly obvious but it seems that it is required to help some understand.

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