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And they’re off!

But are they on the right bike?

But who gave the bride away?

The scene of the brawl? Photo:

Everyone knows the Hells Angels and Mongols biker gangs hate each other. They’ve been fighting over turf across the U.S. for decades.

But members of the Hells Angels ended up in a Las Vegas courtroom this week over a turf war of a different sort. Eight members of the HA had a mistrial declared when the judge said the prosecution wasn’t sharing evidence with the defense. This was the end of a legal battle that started four years ago, when the bikers were arrested after a turf war with a group of Mongols.

What was the turf? Was it a seedy neighbourhood, known for criminal activity? Nope, it was a Las Vegas wedding chapel. It turns out members of both gangs were at the chapel for different weddings at the same time. Sparks flew, but they weren’t the romantic kind of pyrotechnics. People were stabbed, the police made arrests, and the case has been ongoing ever since.

Our analysis? The yuppification of the cruiser scene has finally caught up with the outlaw bike clubs. When the general population is holding up the Sons of Anarchy as their model of toughness, instead of long-running biker clubs, and the bikers have to resort to fighting in wedding chapels, instead of the traditional fisticuff locations like dive bars and casinos, you know that motorcycle culture is changing quickly.

Story source: Huffington Post

Steampunk madness

Technically speaking, it is a motorcycle; after all, it has two wheels …

Two wheel drive

Speaking of oddball bikes – except for Batman’s weird bike, the majority of motorcycles promoted in summer blockbusters are the latest, greatest models on the market. A little product placement goes a long way towards improving sales.

Sometimes, that rule gets broken … as you see in this clip from The Expendables 2, where they use a two-wheel-drive Rokon as an improvised bomb. Maybe it was cheap to blow up, compared to a Ducati? Not that we need to make any wisecracks, the clip is pretty laughable on its own.

Inline-four power … circa 1931

Jay Leno isn’t just a TV big shot. He’s also a huge motorcycle fan. Here, he shares the story of one of his personal bikes, the 1931 Henderson KJ Police Special, one of the fastest bikes of the 1930s.

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