Moncton HOG rally sees over 800

Now you know what happens when you mate a Bull with a Hog?

Moncton saw over 800 HOGgers this last week as the 17th  annual Canadian National Harley Owners Group rally rolled into town, using a spoke and wheel setup; Moncton being the hub  and various local Maritime Harley retailers being the spokes.

A common sight.

The rally kicked off on Wednesday night with opening ceremonies and (of course) a street party, before doing the retailer spoke thing on Thursday with Red Rock HD in PEI and Toys For Big Boys back in Moncton, then to J.H Stewart in Miramichi and Eldridge’s in Saint John on Friday. Oh and another street party.

The event wrapped up Saturday in Moncton with a parade through the city followed by another… street party.

I may not personally understand the attraction of doing such things, but catching the parade on the Saturday, everyone seemed to be having a blast, so why not?.

However, judging from the attendees, I think Harley have to come up with another plan to get the younger rider interested; otherwise the party may soon be over.


  1. I think there will be new old guys to replace the current crop. Younger riders don’t have the vacation time / money / lack of responsibilities back home to go on such jaunts. Personally I ride to get AWAY from stuff like that, but 20 years from now, who knows?

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