Port Coquitlam man arrested after wild police chase

Even two-and-a-half hours at high speed won't be enough to shake police off your tail if they're following you by helicopter.
Even two-and-a-half hours at high speed won’t be enough to shake police off your tail if they’re following you by helicopter.

A man from Port Coquitlam, B.C., is likely facing dangerous driving charges after police say he reached speeds up to 200 km/h while trying to flee from them.

RCMP say they followed the 29-year-old man on a 2012 Ducati for two and a half hours as he sped through Port Coquitlam, Burnaby, New West, Richmond and Vancouver. The cops say he was going so fast, they pulled their cars back and followed him by helicopter.

Proving once again that the eye in the sky sees all, police managed to catch up with the alleged speeder after he pulled into a local mall’s underground parking lot and left with a woman in an SUV. The man was arrested, and according to some reports, the woman was arrested as well; she’s been released from custody, and is not facing any charges at this point.

We don’t have the alleged speeder’s name. Cops say he may face raps for dangerous driving, excessive speeding and failing to stop for police. And we’re wondering: did this man get his inspiration here?



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