Isle of Man, 2012: The Video

John McGuinness still managed a podium finish, despite his pit lane woes. Photo:
John McGuinness, this year’s IOMTT hero. Photo:

The annual Isle of Man TT is an epic road race, where decades of history meets modern superpowered high-performance racing.

It’s epic. It’s exciting. It’s ridiculously fast race bikes bouncing around the island course’s streets as the racers duke it out, handlebar to handlebar. And it’s captured in this video reel of 2012’s highlights. Check it out!

By the way, a few weeks ago we told you the Isle of Man’s government was planning some changes to the Manx GP, the island’s other classic race. The GP is a classic amateur road race that’s been running on the island’s Mountain Course for decades, and it’s almost as storied as the TT.

But now, the GP’s format has changed; the proposed changes are going through, and the GP will now be a festival focusing on classic bikes and classic racing, instead of a chance for hotshot amateurs to squeeze their way into the next year’s TT. It sounds as if locals aren’t happy about the change, but they don’t have much choice – the GP was losing money quickly.

But enough talk! Here’s that video from this year’s TT – watch it!

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