Another Ducati spy shot

Here's another fuzzy look at Ducati's project. Photo: Moto Revue
Here’s another fuzzy look at Ducati’s project. Photo: Moto Revue

Last month, we had photos of an allegedly top-secret, hush-hush Ducati project.

Well, it can’t be much of a secret with all these “spy shots” being mysteriously leaked by rascally personnel, but here’s the latest shot the clever marketeers are hoping we’ll pore over carefully.

It seems to indicate Ducati’s working on some lower-priced version of the Multistrada or Hypermotard, powered by the liquid-cooled 848 engine. It also indicates there will likely be different editions of this bike – the rear shock and brake in this pic are supposedly by Ohlins and Brembo, respectively, which would indicate a higher-spec version of this machine.

It also seems to indicate that whoever is responsible for this photo – either a wayward employee or devious marketer – needs to invest in a better camera phone.


  1. I never really liked 3 spoke rims, but that 3 spoke-3 spoke rim looks real nice, Especially with that out of the way muffler showing off the single sided swingarm. That seat doesnt impress my lardy arse however..

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