N.B. non-profit wants better motorcycle training

Traffic cones are cheap, and you can easily use them to set up your own practice course.
There's a Safety Services N.B. course for beginners and for experienced riders.

With four motorcyclist deaths in the province in the last month, Safety Services N.B. says it’s time for New Brunswick to adopt better motorcycle training.

Of course, Safety Services N.B. offers a $475, 21-hour course for riders already, so they’d stand to benefit from mandatory motorcycle training legislation. But motorcyclists would likely benefit from mandatory training as long as the course isn’t watered-down in content, as Safety Services N.B. president Bill Walker.

His organization’s course includes about 18 hours of motorcycle riding. Walker is concerned, though, that while mandatory motorcycle training could potentially give riders more life-saving tools for the road, the standard of training needs to remain the same. The greater demand for training would result in courses being offered that don’t have the same amount of useful instruction, with bikers looking for cheaper courses.

Safety Services N.B. offers courses for both beginning and experienced riders.

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