Kriega's new lineup comes to Canada

Kriega's luggage is highly adaptable to many different motorcycles.
Kriega's luggage is highly adaptable to many different motorcycles. Photo:

Kriega’s 2012 luggage lineup is now available in Canada.

Ontario-based Angel Wings Trading is importing the British luggage maker’s waterproof baggage systems; they’ve just started to receive the new product for this year’s lineup.

If you’re not familiar with Kriega, they’re based in the U.K., and produce a range of motorcycle soft bags designed for adventure riders – they’re both waterproof and dustproof. Like bags from other manufacturers with similar designs, Kriega’s lineup is designed to fit a variety of motorcycles, and their luggage system can be reconfigured to a certain degree, allowing users to re-purpose tailbags or saddlebags as tank bags. They also make tool rolls, backpacks, and other useful pieces of luggage.

We’ve received a couple pieces of their luggage here at CMG, and we’re already putting them through testing for this summer. We’ll let you know how they hold up.


  1. Kriega is AMAZING gear. But, If I may be so bold, I’d suggest mounting that combo across the seat, as opposed to inline like that. It’ll give you more space. All you need to do is undo the QR clips, adjust the positioning of the web loops beneath the seat and turn the lot 90 degrees.

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