Honda to host Gymkhana skills competition

Check out gymkhana at Honda's July 15 event.
Check out gymkhana at Honda's July 15 event.

Honda Canada is hosting a gymkhana skills competition at the Honda Campus (corner of Elgin Mills and 404) on July 15.

If you don’t know what gymkhana is, here’s Honda’s definition:

“Moto Gymkhana is a technical motorcycle sport that involves a complex obstacle course that test riders abilities and skills like nothing you may have seen before. Riders compete to achieve the fastest time as they perform through the track showing off their advanced riding skills – maneuvering through cones by quick acceleration and breaking, slaloms, tight turns and figure eights. Riders who have the talent to react quickly and choose the right lines, all the while remaining focused are often at the top of the class in this newly evolving motorsport.”

Honda is calling this shindig their “Rock the Red” event. It’s free to sign up (click here) and your entry can also win you a Honda CBR250. If you sign up before July 13, you get a second ballot for a chance to win the bike.

Along with the gymkhana demonstration, there will also be motorcycle and ATV test rides, gear and accessories vendors, ride training for the kids, and power equipment demos. That’s right, you can check out that Honda lawnmower you’ve always dreamed of – but there’s no word if you can take the ride-on out for the gymkhana course.

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