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YouTube’s finest

Riders everywhere hate drivers who text or talk on their cell phones and don’t pay attention to the road. Now, though, they’ve got a superhero who’ve taken up their cause. He seems a little plump for a masked avenger, but who are we to judge?

This is why you should never ride five to a motorcycle (apparently, all the riders survived)

And this is why you should always wear a helmet. This is one lucky dude – although it would have been luckier if he hadn’t crashed in the first place.

Now, which FX television series do you think inspired that logo? It's all in good fun, though.

Keeping Quiet

It appears the Clandestine web-based comedy series will make it into production, after reaching their fundraising goal on Kickstarter last week.

In case you’re not familiar with it, the series depicts a couple of Irish white-collar buffoons who long to break free of the restrictions of their desk jobs and form their own outlaw motorcycle gang, with plenty of swearing while they fight back against The Man. You can check out the videos they’ve produced already at their website here. The creators describe it as “Sons of Anarchy meet The Office.”

Speaking of motorcycle gang-based comedy, Discovery’s Devils Ride series seems to be having a hard time being taken seriously. YouTube watchers continue to pan the show, which passes itself off as being a serious documentary on a rising motorcycle gang. Viewers on YouTube instead are comparing it to “a bunch of whiny teenage girls gossiping.” Who’s to say? Watch this clip of a “top-secret meeting” for yourself and draw your own conclusion …

Evel Empire

The only part of the costume he's missing is the cane. Photo: Patrick Van Doorne

Evel Knievel may have died in 2007, but according to this photo from the Isle of Man TT this week, his spirit is still out there riding motorcycles, even pulling off a small jump – although he seems to have upgraded from the Sportsters he once used to jump buses and cars back in his heyday.

Actually, it’s rider Paul “Shoey” Shoesmith under those leathers – no word on whether the tassels improve streamlining when he’s laying down laps at the Isle of Man.

Story source: Visordown

Mistaken Identity

"We wouldn't be stuck on desk duty if you'd only made sure we had the right man, Starsky."

Imagine opening the door to find the police on your step, informing you your better half was dead.

That’s what happened to Melody Halls of Alberta earlier this week; she answered the doorbell to find a couple of cops and a grief counselor waiting to tell her her partner had been killed in a motorcycle accident at 1 a.m. in the morning.

Impossible, she said – she’d seen him at 7 a.m., he wasn’t out on his motorcycle, and his tattoos didn’t match the ones found on the accident victim.

Still, someone was dead, and the crashed bike was registered to him, so what was up?

They figured the mystery out by checking out the garage, only to find the lock broken and her partner’s motorcycle and helmet gone. It turns out a neighbour had helped himself to the bike, and managed to kill himself in the process.

And what did Halls’ better half think of all this?

“He’s really upset about his motorcycle being stolen more than anything,  and that somebody died crashing it,” Halls said.

Story source: ABC News

Clean Getaway

If you see something like this at your local chop shop, be sure to let the Malaysian police know its whereabouts.

The police had to be thinking they’d pulled off a major coup last week when they cornered a suspected car thief who had taken off with a stolen BMW.

Unfortunately for them, it turned out the car crook might have specialized in cages, but he was a multi-talented criminal. While the cops tried to arrest him, he escaped again – on a police motorcycle. We haven’t heard if they’ve managed to arrest him yet, but we’re guessing that if the police track him down, they’ll send a foot patrol in to arrest him this time – their budget probably wouldn’t allow for a stolen SWAT van.

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