Moto Guzzi prototype spotted

Here's the new Moto Guzzi prototype spotted on the streets.
Here's the new Moto Guzzi prototype spotted on the streets.
We're not sure what role Guzzi intends for this bike, or whether it will even make it to production.

European website has published pictures of a new Moto Guzzi prototype seen on the streets.

The photos give a pretty good view of the new Guzzi, but don’t tell us what their intentions for the machine are. It has some naked bike bodywork, but some folks are saying it’s intended to be a supermoto, and others say it looks like an adventure bike, possibly a replacement for the Stelvio.

At this point, it’s all conjecture anyway, as there’s no guarantee the machine will ever make it to production.



  1. I’m riding a 1976 850 T3 and man the sound alone is enough to make me realize that I’m not dead yet. I also have a 1976 Lemans but the T3 is infinitely more survivable on a long ride. I’m not sure that anyone can make a bike as visceral these days but I keep thinking that one day Guzzi will make a bike that I need … like a Stelvio but smaller … 850 cc dual sport in the same weight class as the BMW 800 GS but with that 90 deg crotch throbbing lump engaging the nether parts in a most aurally satisfying manner as I’m off traversing the Trans Canada adventure trail.

  2. I wish Moto Guzzi would make a V10 or V11 Classic, slightly larger all around, but still with that simple and beautiful styling of the V7.

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