Aerostich releases new pants

Pull the knee pads out of your pants when you get to the office, and nobody will know of your secret motorcycling career.

Aerostich is all about riding to work (founder Andy Goldfine is also the organizer behind Ride to Work Day), and they’re making it even easier with their Protekt khakis.

“Casual” motorcycle riding pants have been around a long time; companies like Icon or Draggin’ Jeans make trousers that look like casual, everyday wear at first glance, and you can usually insert armour in them. Trouble is, you don’t always want to wear a pair of jeans to work, especially if you’re in one of those offices that’s strict about the whole shirt-and-tie thing.

Aerostich’s new pants should be a workaround for that problem; not only do they look respectable enough for most in cubicle land, the cotton twill pants also take optional removeable TF3 knee pads, and are re-inforced with Cordura in the knee and seat area, to save your butt in a crash.

The pants are $97, and available here.

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