Video: 2012 Aprilia Dorsoduro

Here's a photo of the new Dorsoduro. If a picture is worth a thousand words, we wonder how much a YouTube video is worth?

Aprilia wants you to know all about their 2012 Dorsoduro, so they’ve released a YouTube video showing the bike off.

The new supermoto features an 1190cc V-twin engine, their largest yet. The motor supposedly puts out 135 horsepower (130 hp at 8,700 rpms, and 85 ft. lbs of torque at 7200 rpms). Add in traction control, ABS that can be switched on or off, and three riding modes (sport, touring, and rain) and you’ve got an electronics set that should compliment the motor well. Bondo told you all about it back in January, remember?

Anyway, here’s the video, below. Enjoy!

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