Hero announces another technology partnership

Hero continues to move towards the global market, with news of their new deal with AVL.

Today, India, tomorrow, the world.

Motorcycle manufacturing giant Hero Motorcorp may not be ready for global domination yet, but the Indian company seems like they’re making moves towards that end, with the announcement of another technology deal.

This time, the deal is with Austrian engineering design firm AVL, one of the world’s top independent vehicle R&D companies.They’re not wasting any time setting things in motion – they’ve already got an Indian R&D team in Austria, working on new designs.

The pact will see AVL help Hero develop larger-displacement engines, as they’ve mostly concentrated on small bikes, like the Hunk. Now, though, it seems Hero has an eye on the global market. Take news of this deal, add in their recent agreement with Erik Buell Racing, and it seems Hero has big plans for the future. Rumour has it they’re aiming for $1 billion in exports by 2020.

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